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Toshiba is one of the world's leading in high technology companies, which produces award-winning lines of extremely productive, affordable and reliable printers, multifunction products, fax machines and copiers. Its numerous Research & Development laboratories work to find the best matching product solutions for the customers. Toshiba devices can perform in the most harsh environments and meet all the specific demands (from the individual users to small, medium and large work groups). This producer thinks not only about the functionality of its products but also about an attractive and captivating design, which one would be proud to own, to display and excited to use.

Toshiba printer ribbons possess feature of prolonged usage and guarantee less often change over time. The long-living proven technology is precisely combined with recently-created innovations what results in a new construction, ensuring easy and quick cartridge change and surely increasing machine availability. The expendables of this brand guarantee regular crisp, sharp and contrasting quality of the printed output without smudging. With genuine Toshiba printer ribbons you'll get an excellent result every time and you'll release yourself from any annoying problems with printing.

As an environmentally responsible company, Toshiba balances between the nowadays print needs of its clients and the preservation of nature. Its products are RoHS and WEEE compliant. And it provides a very convenient recycling program for all its products, including consumables.