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Xerox has been one of the leaders in the area of printed technology and services for a long period and implements innovations in its products all the time to make everything for its clients' comfort and benefit to help them freely focus on the most important matter - their business. It is the only company in the history of this industry, which has developed solid ink products well. Xerox goes with the tides and improves on its innovative technology. Independent research organizations give it their appreciation and a good rating after multiple tests.

Solid ink is manufactured from a non-toxic crayon-like resin polymer. This technology ensures excellent print quality both in color and blackwhite. Sticks of solid ink feature safety and easiness while being changed and maintained, they don't spill or smudge on your hands and clothes. Careful to detail manufacturing provides consistent colors in every stick and every page. All the production is rigorously checked. Due to the cartridge-free design, solid ink possesses small and light packaging. With no cartridge you have nothing to change or recycle.

The solid ink printing process reminds of an offset press. It results in constantly accurate printouts and rich in color images on any paper, including recycled one, throughout its life-cycle. This technology gives low run cost compared with color laser. Xerox solid ink is much easier to use while providing even better quality of printing and there is far less packaging which is important for environmentally responsible customers.