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The Xerox brand has established itself as a leader in printing solutions for decades. Throughout the years, the company has continued to fine-tune and develop award-winning technology to satisfy a wide range of businesses, homes offices, and individual users alike. InkJet printers from Xerox offer stellar quality and performance that can only come from decades of innovation and quality engineering.

Using genuine Xerox ink cartridges with the brand’s range of InkJet printers and devices ensures users experience the full performance capabilities their machines were designed for. Over the years, Xerox has perfected its ink cartridges to make the overall experience of replacement and use as convenient and quick as possible. Through expert engineering, the brand has perfected convenience without sacrificing the industry-leading quality of Xerox printers and devices.

Exclusive Solid Ink Engineering

Xerox has decades of developing expertise and wisdom in developing printing solutions. This allows them to solve issues and concerns for customers with creative and innovative solutions. Liquid ink can be messy and cause staining on users swapping out old cartridges. Xerox addressed this issue by developing an exclusive and unique solid ink for their InkJet printers and devices. The solid ink is formulated with a non-toxic crayon-like resin polymer. Through stringent testing and expert development, the solid ink performs to the top-tier quality of the Xerox reputation.

Experienced manufacturing and development of the solid ink formula allow Xerox users to experience the convenience of smudge-free printing without sacrificing quality. The solid ink from Xerox produces vivid broad-casts of colors for images and photos as well as crisp, clear, and accurate text for documents.

Cartridge Free Design

An added benefit of solid ink engineering from the Xerox manufacturers is the cartridge-free design. The sticks of solid ink require significantly less packaging which makes the Xerox solid ink sticks considerably more environmentally friendly. These ink sticks produce less waste and don’t call for the recycling of old cartridges.

Those businesses and individual users looking to reduce their overall carbon footprint will enjoy the conscious packaging and design of the Xerox ink sticks. The best part is users won’t sacrifice quality, clarity, accuracy, or performance with this exclusive ink technology.

State Of The Art Technology At A Low Price

The latest technological advancements for InkJet printers from Xerox offer award-winning technology at a lower cost. The solid ink sticks are reminiscent of offset printing and provide consistent performance and quality with reduced waste. The genuine Xerox solid ink provides impressive quality at a price comparable to or less than prices for laser printing.

Liquid ink and toner result in excess toner. Some models work to preserve the excess toner and ink while others collect this by cleaning the imaging drum and depositing it into a toner waste box. With solid ink from Xerox, there is considerably less waste which results in savings for individual users and businesses alike.