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Muratec is a groundbreaker in the fax machine market, which produces high-tech devices and develop reasonable and increasing office communication productivity solutions. The company knows every little thing about its clients' needs in the area of printing (from individual consumers to the offices of all size) and it uses all the constantly developing advanced technologies to manufacture extremely powerful multifunctional products, diverse range of facsimile and reliable cost-effective printers that has the aim to help their customers conduct the business more efficient by solving all the irritating problems with the printing.

Genuine Murata Muratec toner cartridges perform precise engineering to provide the supreme quality output through the life of the toner. They are developed in conjunction with hardware to maximize the combined performance. In some models of the printers a new technology system is installed in the cartridges, which collects all the exhaust toner produced while printing and reuse it again, which allows to reduce the price and to fulfill eco-friendly requirements. Close attention and care about the clients' convenience and benefit result in the ever crisp text and diagrams in black/white printing and purely rich, bright and accurate images in color. Use Murata Muratec printing expendables to get the best quality-price ratio.

Murata Muratec preserves the environment and collects utilized toner cartridges. It asks its customers for cooperation and return the used toner.