Remanufactured NEC 20100 Black Toner Cartridge
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Remanufactured NEC 20100 Black Toner Cartridge
Remanufactured NEC 20100 Black Toner Cartridge
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Remanufactured NEC 20100

Color: Black
Part number: 20100
Type: Toner Cartridge
Yield: 6,000 pages
Condition: Remanufactured; Compatible
Guaranteed to work with
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NEC Superscript

1260, 1260N

What Is the Remanufactured Cartridge?

Remanufacturing plays important role in saving natural resources and environmental protection. It takes a fraction of the energy to remanufacture a cartridge compared to making a new one. Besides, any part in the toner cartridge can be replaced allowing the cartridge to be used almost endlessly, thereby conserving our natural resources.

  • The first step is the collection of the empty OEM NEC 20100 remanufactured cartridge. Such cartridges are either purchased or obtained through a donation program our company conduct;
  • The very remanufacturing process begins with the initial examination. We test empty OEM NEC 20100 remanufactured cartridge, dissemble and scan it for signs of flaws and wear;
  • The corona wire and waste toner collector are thoroughly inspected, cleaned and tested.
  • The toner of Remanufactured NEC 20100 is replaced with new one from an individual bottle. We also replace the retainer blade and scraper blade;
  • Dianippon Super Resolution OPC Drum lubricated with a non-toxic chemical powder replaces all OPC (Optical Photo Conductor) to produce darker clarity in your print;
  • We assemble every unit manually using new replacement parts (including Doctor Blade, Recovery Blade, Wiper Blade, Drum, Mag Roller, PCR, Toner) to guarantee excellent standards of clarity and print. The shell of the Remanufactured NEC 20100 remanufactured cartridge lasts indefinitely and may be used over and over again, with no effect on the level of performance of the cartridge;
  • Before final packaging and dispatch, our qualified personnel carefully conduct testing of every cartridge.

We provide a lifetime warranty for our products!

Printers That Use Remanufactured NEC 20100 Remanufactured Cartridges

Manufacturer Machine Model OEM Cartridge
Apple 12/640 PS, 12/640 PS Plus ASD M1960GA, ASD M4683GA
Dataproducts   DPS DPCX548
Epson N1600, N1600ENT, N1600T EPS S051011, EPS S051016
GCC Technologies   GCC AC16120
IBM   IBM 63H3005, IBM 63H3110
Konica Minolta   MNL 0927605, QMS 1710084001
NEC 1260, 1260N NEC 20100, NEC 20105
Toner Cartridge Depot   CTC 0927605, CTC 13R548, CTC 20100, CTC 63H3005, CTC LN11XAA, CTC M4683GA
Xerox P12 XER 013R00548, XER 13R548

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