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IBM - a multinational technology and consulting corporation - is also one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of the wide range of award winning printing solutions, which include laser and dot-matrix printers, for the work groups of different size. Its printers are famous for their efficiency and reliability and serve a good example of cost-reducing printer machines, which are created to improve the printing process.

Printer ribbons of this brand ensure advanced availability of the printer due to they special system guarantying quicker and easier cartridge change. The life of the IBM printer ribbons is extended, what means that they'll need less frequent interventions in the machine. The special intelligent system built in the ribbon with an original "clean - hands" technology can as well notify a user to put a new ribbon. A cartridge ribbon operates in a mobius loop, overturning the ribbon regularly to utilize the both sides of the ribbon. This design ensures consistent print quality and reduces time you need for printer cleaning.

IBM printer ribbons are the consumables for its line-dot matrix printers, which are specifically designed to print excellent quality text, accurate graphics, vivid images, and bar codes in particularly high speeds (in some models). This ribbons are manufactured to ensure the output of multi-part forms, program listings, financial reports and invoices, supported by the flexibility and the printers' capability of forms handling.