Lexmark Ink Cartridges Lexmark Ink Cartridges

Lexmark one of the leading manufacturers in the area of printing produces broad range of supreme qualified laser printers and MFPs, variety of solutions, which aim to fulfill all the special demands of workgroups of different size and individual users, helping to archive better results in the spheres of life, connected with printing. Genuine Lexmark ink cartridges of high technology guarantee not only accurate quality of the printed documents, but also the particular brightness and vividness of images.

Lexmark ink cartridges are excellently engineered to represent the superb quality and to perform special functions of inkjet printers. They help to provide the best features of the printed output one would want to find in a good reliable printing device and ensure excellent performance in the high speeds and with the advanced resolution up to 2400 x 1200 dpi, what guarantees true-to-life feature of images and photos. Lexmark ink cartridges are easy, quick and convenient to replace. You can choose for your exact purposes black/white or color cartridges. This producer offers its clients the ink consumables of high-yield which prologs the work of the cartridge for about three times comparing with the standard-yield, it allows to save your time, change cartridges less often and be always sure that you get the highest quality printed copies at the same time you need.

Lexmark is an environmentally responsible company and its customers can participate in the Recycling/Return program, reducing waste. The products of this brand satisfy the international health and safety standards.


Lexmark 18Y0142 (42) Lexmark 18Y0142 (42)
Lexmark 18C2229 (36/37) Lexmark 18C2229 (36/37)
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Lexmark 18C2170 (36XL) Lexmark 18C2170 (36XL)
Lexmark 14L0268 (200) Lexmark 14L0268 (200)
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Lexmark 18C0532 (32/33) Lexmark 18C0532 (32/33)
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Lexmark 18C0533 Lexmark 18C0533
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Lexmark 18C0032 (32) Lexmark 18C0032 (32)
Lexmark 18Y0141 Lexmark 18Y0141
Lexmark 18C2150 (36A) Lexmark 18C2150 (36A)
Lexmark 18C2180 (37XL) Lexmark 18C2180 (37XL)

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