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Lexmark Toner Cartridges Lexmark Toner Cartridges

Lexmark is a well-known producer of printers, consumables and solutions, which are manufactured with the care of its customers’ comfort and demands, basing on the modern innovations, allowing to make life easier, and representing advanced opportunities for broadening digital experience.

Lexmark toner cartridges posses all the valuable features of this brand’s products – reliability, high quality, superior design, excellent safety, environmental responsibility, what provide bright accurate colors of printed documents and images. Due to the special design they are separated in the demountable block as the toner demands periodic replacement (what depends on its model). At replacement of a cartridge, there is no need to replace other elements of the printer, except for various preventive works or in the presence of any malfunctions of the printer.

Lexmark offers its customers different kinds of toner cartridges to best match their needs. One is free to choose black/white or color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black); Extra High Yield, High Yield or Standard (what aims to give the user the control on the frequency of the cartridge change) and Return Program or Regular.

Lexmark cares about the environment and suggests their customers a special Return Program. You can still recycle your Regular cartridges through Cartridge Collection Program, which is free and simple.

Keep important and memorable documents, photos or professional documents for a long time and with excellent quality and high definition of images.


Lexmark 70C0H#0 (700H) Lexmark 70C0H#0 (700H)
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Lexmark 70C10#0 (701) Lexmark 70C10#0 (701)
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Lexmark C5242#H Lexmark C5242#H
Free shipping
Lexmark C5240#H Lexmark C5240#H
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Lexmark C5222#S Lexmark C5222#S
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Lexmark C5220#S Lexmark C5220#S
Free shipping
Lexmark 20K050 Lexmark 20K050
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Lexmark 20K140 Lexmark 20K140
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Lexmark 20K144 Lexmark 20K144
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Lexmark C500S2#G Lexmark C500S2#G
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