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Okidata Toner Cartridges Okidata Toner Cartridges

OKI as a company, well known for its supreme quality and efficiency printing products, offers a full portfolio of digital printers, MFPs, thermal label printers, serial impact dot matrix printers and POS printers, which can fulfill the needs of the workgroups of different size. Advanced technologies and modern innovations, implemented in highly productive and reliable machines, work to the advantage of the clients, broadening their digital experiences, making their life easier and business more productive. Advanced LED Technology guarantees long printhead life with high energy efficiency.

OKI toner cartridges posses all the necessary characteristics one would want to find in a good cartridge and more. They ensure reliability, distinctive accuracy of printed text and fine image quality. These cartridges with the new quality toner producing more saturated black color, rather than a usual toner, are arranged so that the unfinished toner can be used again and not be cleaned off from a drum by a cleaning edge.

Because this company is environmentally conscious, cares about their customers safety and also meets the ever-changing needs of business what requires innovative technology, it creates eco-friendly products and contributes to environmental conservation in business activities (resource conservation). Reduce consumables use and waste, use of disposable material, unnecessary printing with the special functions of the OKI printers and supplies like toner save mode, individual toner cartridges, 1-piece image drum and accountability software.


Okidata 4332440 (C8) Okidata 4332440 (C8)
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Okidata 4349530 Okidata 4349530
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Okidata 4345940 Okidata 4345940
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Okidata 4212740 Okidata 4212740
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Okidata 4303480 (C6) Okidata 4303480 (C6)
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Okidata 4280450 Okidata 4280450
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Okidata 4291892 (C7) Okidata 4291892 (C7)
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Okidata 4291898 Okidata 4291898
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Okidata 4348773 Okidata 4348773
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Okidata 4332446 Okidata 4332446
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