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Printer devices endure wear and tear like any other product. With Brother printers, users can be sure that durability and longevity are priorities in the design and specifications of every device. Manufacturers have taken wear and tear into consideration with Brother Maintenance Kits. No one likes to have to replace their entire printer often. Brother has implemented maintenance intervals into their devices to help users keep them running and printing for years to come. Maintenance kits provide everything users need to keep their printers and all-in-one devices functioning at their best.

Brother Fuser Unit

The Fuser unit is an important component in Brother LaserJet printers and other devices. The Fuser component works to fuse toner to a substrate. In the case of Brother printers, the Fuser unit works with heat and pressure to permanently bond the toner to the page. Over time the Fuser unit on Brother printers will wear down with time and use. In these cases, users may purchase a Fuser replacement unit to extend the longevity of their device.

Brother Belt Unit

The Belt Unit of a printer plays an important role in distributing ink and toner onto pages. Over time and use, the belt gets tired and doesn’t distribute the toner as well. In these cases, users will need to replace the Belt unit to keep Brother printers and devices operating well. Regular maintenance of your Brother devices and printers makes sure that all-important components remain functional and help to extend the life and usability of the devices.

Brother Toner Waste Box

The Waste Toner Box collects excess toner during the printing process. While Brother devices operate efficiently to reduce overall waste produced during the printing process, there is inevitably some toner that ends up in the toner waste box. After long periods and use, the toner waste box on the printer must be replaced to ensure proper function. With Brother maintenance intervals, users will be notified of when this must be done.

The toner waste box is integral to the efficient function of Brother copiers, printers, fax machines, and all-in-one devices. If too much ink builds up in the waste box, it will affect the quality of printed pages and may even damage the device over time if not dealt with.

How Do Maintenance Kits Work?

All Brother printers, devices, and all-in-ones are equipped with smart technology. This feature notifies users of necessary repairs through maintenance intervals. The device will notify users of when certain components need replacing. Once the user purchases a maintenance kit for the needed component, the device walks users through a simple replacement process. Brother devices are designed for ease of use and longevity. When durable products do require replacing, users can be sure the process will be intuitive and well-explained. Should users have any trouble installing maintenance kits, Brother features stellar customer service to help them get their device back in tip-top shape.